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  • Ratsholm

    Ratsholm (pr. Rashimm), population ~700 Lady Reyt is the main feudal overlord of the area. She has two vassals ([[:halavar-bagier|Lord Bagier]] and Lord Tolvilip). Every building in Ratsholm is owned by one of the three of them, except for one: The …

  • Nance

    Nance is the daughter of a ferrier in [[Ratsholm]]. As a child Nance got separated from a caravan once and ended up lost in the woods for a week. [[:pansy]] was wandering in the woods and found her. She brought her home but took her time getting there …

  • Pansy

    Pansy works in a butcher shop, which she finds distressing. She has occasionally said that she worked walling up the Iggar Depths, telling stories in exchange for free drinks. She volunteered to join a search party for a lost pony. Unfortunately they …

  • Lorna

    Lorna cares for Lady Reyt's collection of books, including the forbidden texts collected long ago by the dark lord. Lorna started to read a forbidden book but got weirded out before she finished the first chapter. She put it back and never told anyone …

  • Wallace Peat

    Wallace works at the Peat family brick factory. He and [[:nance]] worked on the same team walling up the Iggar Depths. Wallace was part of [[:lorna]]'s team that escorted [[:melvissa |Royal Inspector Melvissa]] to [[Fort Elias]] (along with [[:nance …

  • Stina Kellan

    Stina works for [[:halavar-bagier | Lord Bagier]] as a scribe. Stina was part of [[:shilgen-sanblad]]'s team that went into the [[Elkwood]] (along with [[:blaise-berwick]], [[:brice-illsen]], and [[:soter-cloakfield]]).

    Artwork by …

  • Blaise Berwick

    Blaise works as a junior barkeep at the Broken Door tavern. He is relentlessly cheerful and recklessly optimistic. Blaise was part of [[:shilgen-sanblad]]'s team that went into the [[Elkwood]] (along with [[:stina-kellan]], [[:brice-illsen]], and [[: …

  • Karl

    Karl hates the winter solstice celebrations. He has been called a skittish man who lacks conviction. While he's been getting drunk and complaining a lot, this might only be because he's been fighting with his husband.

  • Sira Reyt

    Lady Sira Reyt is the head of the Reyt family, and overlord of the largest section of [[Ratsholm]]. Her vassals include Lord Tolvilip and [[:halavar-bagier |Lord Bagier]]. She owes fealty to [[:nize-hatonner|Baron Hatonner]].

  • Shilgen Sanblad

    Shilgen's current assignment is watching sheep, but he's hoping to eventually be promoted to watching goats. Shilgen led a team consisting of himself, [[:stina-kellan]], [[:blaise-berwick]], [[:brice-illsen]], and [[:soter-cloakfield]] into the [[ …

  • Sarnel

    Sarnel works as an animal trapper, and occasionally provides skins for the creation of parchment. It would be illegal for Sarnel to be trapping in the [[Elkwood]], so presumably he only works elsewhere.

  • Brice Illsen

    Brice is a very successful apprentice baker, having transferred from being an apprentice blacksmith. Brice was part of [[:shilgen-sanblad]]'s team that went into the [[Elkwood]] (along with [[:stina-kellan]], [[:blaise-berwick]], and [[:soter-cloakfield …

  • Finibar

    Finibar is a junior worker at the general store. His boss (Mrs Slurt) is unimpressed with him. He has a young son.

  • Osmar Tolvilip

    Lord Osmar Tolvilip owes allegiance to [[:sira-reyt |Lady Reyt]]. He owns several properties in [[Ratsholm]]. He and Lady Tolvilip have three daughters.

  • Soter Cloakfield

    Soter serves as a seamster to [[:osmar-tolvilip|Lord Tolvilip]] and his family. Soter was part of [[:shilgen-sanblad]]'s team that went into the [[Elkwood]] (along with [[:stina-kellan]], [[:blaise-berwick]], and [[:brice-illsen]]).

    Artwork …

  • Darmag Silva

    Manager Silva organizes all of [[:sira-reyt |Lady Reyt]]'s personnel, including all of the work days for new adults in the village. She seems to believe that the king has a magical way to listen in on anything said in her office, and insists that …

  • Erin

    Erin is the principal dyer in [[Ratsholm]]. She owes fealty directly to [[:sira-reyt |Lady Reyt]].

  • Olina Sanblad

    Olina is the only child of Izold and Mara Sanblad. She works in [[:sira-reyt |Lady Reyt]]'s orchard. Olina led a team consisting of herself, [[:calpurnia-pinch]], [[:fanto-tem]], [[:spogo-kulschpork]], and [[:peat]] on a mission to [[Carsbank]].

  • Calpurnia Pinch

    Calpurnia works as a carpenter for [[:osmar-tolvilip |Lord Tolvilip]]. She loves to paint. Calpurnia was part of [[:olina-sanblad]]'s team that went to [[Carsbank]] (along with [[:fanto-tem]], [[:spogo-kulschpork]], and [[:peat]]).

  • Spogo Kulschpork

    Spogo works with pigs. (The smell tends to follow him even when he isn't.) He likes to drink, but it makes him mouthy. Spogo was part of [[:olina-sanblad]]'s team that went to [[Carsbank]] (along with [[:calpurnia-pinch]], [[:fanto-tem]], and [[:peat …

  • Fanto Tem

    Fanto works as a junior assistant herbalist for [[:osmar-tolvilip |Lord Tolvilip]]. (This often results in him doing other odd jobs, even though he's not well suited for physical labour.) Fanto was part of [[:olina-sanblad]]'s team that went to [[ …

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